Now This Is Our 

Pug Mugs Or Sir MugALot :)

He is A Joy To Have here with us.

He is one year old now And yep

He is the King of this Castle.

We Are Learning more about Pugs 

Every day and it is so much fun :)

I have learned That A Pug is full of Energy

And Makes so much noise:) 

They just snort and snore all the time

and as he sleeps with us lol we know it to :)

With His Bulbous eyes and wrinkled brow

It is a Beautiful face only a Mother could love:)


Our New Baby Ming Lea :)

My pug budda it says lucky in Chinese. 

made  from scratch by my Friend  

  Juls Thank you :)

I Adopted These Sweet Pugs from :)

A Beautiful Site  :)


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